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Blade 720P HD Video Camera 180 QX HD EFLA800

Blade 720P HD Video Camera 180 QX HD EFLA800



Blade 720P HD Video Camera 180 QX HD EFLA800

Special price camera, not in original box, but comes with parts in the picture, we took this camera from a brand new Blade 180 QX HD Quad

From your plane, from your car, from your hat for that matter, the E-flite® EFC™-720 HD Camera is the ideal RC accessory for capturing full-color still photos and HD video footage. Its lightweight design means it’s perfect for use with just about any air or surface vehicle from a park flyer size on up. It has no special mounting requirements, plus it’s simple to operate remotely using the provided servo wire lead connected to an open receiver channel. Or you can simply set the manual controls provided.

Key Features
    Lightweight 15 gram design suitable for park flyers and up
    In-flight camera control can operate from any open receiver channel
    Removable 2GB memory card provided can hold multiple videos
    Features full-color 720p HD video and 1.3M still image capabitliy
    Integrated microphone allows simultaneous audio while recording video footage
    Built-in manual controls, plus a positional lens to achieve a variety of vantage points
    Internal 3.7V 150mAh rechargeable Li-Po battery
    USB charge and interface cable provided
    Easy to mount anywhere using the hook and loop material provided

Micro SD Card Capacity:
• 2GB included
• 32GB Max Capacity

Capacity/Duration of the camera battery:
• 150 mAh
• 50 minutes of run time

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